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Q4 2020 in Review

While we remain focused on the alpha release of Vidrio 7, we have also continued to deliver valuable enhancements to the current Vidrio solution, and are pleased to share the following summary of Q4 2020 releases. Please contact info@vidrio.com to learn more or click here to request a demo. 

  1. Featured Releases
  2. Sneak Peek – Coming Soon
  3. Vidrio Insights: Our Latest Blog Content

Featured Releases


Covid risk

We have introduced a new historical scenario for the COVID-19 sell-off of 2020. As with other historical scenarios available on the Vidrio platform, the objective is to estimate the PnL impact on a fund or portfolio should it encounter similar market conditions as the ones experienced during times of stress. As always, this scenario is available for time series risk and position level risk.


To accommodate increasing use of dividends as part of multi asset class fund structures, a new transaction type, Dividend, has been added to the Vidrio platform.
Dividend Transaction can be used to record a dividend issued by a fund to a portfolio as well as a dividend issued by a portfolio to an investor.

When there is a dividend, the NAV of the investment will decrease by the dividend amount without impacting the performance of the investment.


We have released new Client Portfolio capabilities that enable Vidrio users to see an aggregated view of each of their individual client’s investments across all their portfolio products.

This new enhancement provides a unified view of an individual portfolio client’s investment transactions, related valuations, etc. Client Portfolios include all of the core analytics and functionality :

• Analytics (performance, attribution, allocations, etc.)
• Statistics (Standard Deviation, Alpha, Beta, Sharpe Ratio, etc.)
• Exposure and Risk (Time Series based & Positions based)
• Daily Account Valuation
• Portfolio Planning, Order Management, Cash Management, FX Management
• Workflows, Reports, Guidelines, etc.


Account Level Guidelines
Users can now query or filter for actual share classes to identify specific parameters that they are responsible for monitoring.

Portfolio Position Level Guidelines
This is a new capability for Vidrio users who are managing portfolios and may have investment clients with explicit requests for a particular fund or position to be added to their portfolio on certain conditions. Users can now keep track of these positions on behalf of their investment clients.



Users can now send internal/external emails directly from the Vidrio platform via a single, designated platform account (e.g., notification@yourcompany.com). The new feature enhances users' ability to share meeting and call notes, reports and other authorized communications from within Vidrio to internal and external stakeholders who might not have direct platform access.


Sneak Peek - Coming Soon

Latest Update on the Next Generation of Vidrio

Multi Device for Social
Following our Q3 update, we are excited to continue to share the ongoing evolution of the Vidrio platform, including our enhanced, more intuitive interface, expanded multi-asset class capabilities, advanced analytics, ongoing technology innovations, and the new Vidrio One solution. Please follow our new “Sneak Peek” page where we will continue to tease new views and features as we get closer to the upcoming release date.


Vidrio Insights: Our Latest Blog Content

Vidrio's team of experts remain on top of the latest market developments and industry trends in order to deliver thoughtful insights and best practice recommendations week over week via the Vidrio Blog. Following is a summary of our most read Q4 blog content.




Coffee and a Conversation Recap #1: Zoom Diligence
By Erika Alter, November 30, 2020






Excel in Finance - More than a Tempest in a Teapot
By Willett Bird, CFA November 5, 2020





Adapting Investment Management Workflows to the “New Normal”
By Federico De Giorgis, October 29, 2020






Webinar Recap: Managing Risk and Improving Alpha with Customization
By Erika Alter, October 14, 2020






13F Disclosures – A More Nuanced View                                 

Q&A with Gygmy Gonnot, October 9, 2020





Erika joined Vidrio in July 2020 to lead marketing and communications, including our thought leadership and client engagement programs.

Vidrio in the News


U.S. pension funds at the forefront of real estate/infrastructure allocations in 2021

U.S. pension funds came in as the top allocators to real estate/infrastructure in 2021, according to the second edition of the AW Research Investor Compendium that was recently released by Alternatives Watch Research in association with Vidrio.

Opalesque 427

Allocators added $130bn to private markets last year

Among the top 10 allocators to alternative investments annualized investment gains spanned 12% to 34%. The new investment commitments put to work, by the largest U.S. public pensions, averaged from $5 billion to $17 billion.

hedgeweek 427

World’s largest allocators added $130bn to private markets last year, says Vidrio research

Mandate activity among the largest institutional investors soared in 2021 across private equity, private credit, real estate and infrastructure, and hedge funds, according to research commissioned by Vidrio Financial, a provider of software and integrated data services solutions for institutional alternative allocators globally.

Institutional Investor 426

This Private Equity Fund Was the Most Popular Among Pensions Last Year

New research shows the top pensions allocating capital to private markets — and their favorite funds of 2021.


The Surprising Reason ThatAllocators Are Embracing ESG

Boards and stakeholders — not the promise of stronger performance — are driving ESG investing, new data shows.


Vidrio Financial Launches Portfolio Capability Updates for Asset Allocators

These enhancements include more flexible portfolio and manager monitoring service bundles, a more intuitive interface, evolved multi-asset class integration of Vidrio’s hedge fund and private capital markets capabilities.


Transparency and Trust are a Must for Meaningful Institutional Investor Crypto Adoption

We are still a long way from seeing meaningful institutional investor uptake in crypto and crypto-related offering and something as simple as greater transparency will go a long way to providing the peace of mind institutions need.


Institutional Investors Stay Cautious on Crypto, as Hedge Funds Ride Bitcoin Volatility

As hedge funds continue to ride out cryptocurrencies’ volatility, new industry research suggests larger institutional investors remain reluctant to pile into digital assets in any meaningful sense, despite the strong returns generated by managers this year.


Vidrio: Investors anticipate ‘hybrid’ due diligence going forward

Investors are not likely to return to in-person due diligence meetings in the coming year, according to new findings of a survey conducted by fintech firm Vidrio Financial.


The “New Normal”: How Virtual Conferencing Has Optimized Investor Due Diligence During Covid-19

The “fluidity” of virtual conferencing has proved a “silver lining” during the pandemic, optimising allocator time during the investor due diligence process, according to new research by alternatives-focused software-as-a-service and data management company Vidrio Financial.


Investors Bullish on Commodity, Macro Opportunities in Current Market

Institutional investors may look to boost their hedge fund allocations this year in commodity funds and macro vehicles, the top selected strategies from a survey conducted by Vidrio.


Investors push into alts to battle inflation

A new survey of global allocators and LPs found that roughly 20% have yet to make adjustments to their alternatives exposure and are likely to do so as inflation is expected to inch higher.


Hedge Fund Assets Near USD4 Trillion as Fresh Inflation Fears Push Investors Towards Alternatives

Growing numbers of investors are turning to hedge funds to protect their portfolios in the face of inflationary fears, with total industry capital swelling to almost USD4 trillion and more allocators set to tilt towards alternative assets, new research shows.


This Tech-Focused Manager Is Pensions’ Favorite in Private Equity

When it came to private equity, pension funds invested the most money with Thoma Bravo in 2020, followed by CVC Capital, new data shows.


U.S. Pension Funds Led Capital Allocations to Alternatives in 2020

Some $103 billion in capital allocations across 600 investment mandates were made to alternativeslast year, according to a new study by alternatives technology provider Vidrio Financial.


Vidrio Financial Aims New Vidrio ‘One’ Platform at a Broader Range of Alternative Investment Allocators

Vidrio Financial, a provider of software and data services for institutional alternative allocators globally, has launched Vidrio ”One,” its first non-enterprise offering driven by increased demand from a broader range of institutional investors to allocate across the alternatives landscape.