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With the surge in unstructured and inconsistent data, institutional investors are increasingly facing the imperative for greater data transparency and the need to streamline cumbersome manual processes to achieve an improved total portfolio view.


Vidrio has pioneered the path to better data accuracy by innovating the way investors collect, identify, normalize, enrich, reconcile, and consume the data they receive through fund managers, administrators, custodians, market data providers, and more. This helps institutional investors empower their portfolios resulting in greater control, better alternative investment intelligence, and improved multi-asset clarity.


"Unlike other software providers, Vidrio's key differentiator is combining sophisticated data ingestion and control software with a team of highly experienced technical data specialists.


"In this way, Vidrio can deliver to our clients an efficient and scalable data management solution that removes the burden on our clients of integrating and managing costly software tools while delivering timely and accurate data collection and normalization. By combining the best of human expertise and software functionality, Vidrio can deliver a worry-free/ packaged data management solution to solve the complex and growing data collection and integration needs of today's institutional fund allocators."


- Federico De Giorgis, President, Vidrio Financial


Collaborating with Vidrio Financial to solve your data challenges goes beyond being a mere client in our roster. We dedicate ourselves to understanding your unique needs, and actively seek ways to optimize data collection in tandem with your investment teams.


Learn more below on how we treat your data as a strategic asset as your investments and portfolios grow.

Common Allocator Concerns in Data Management:

"As a growing endowment, we're constantly faced with inconsistent data delivery. Even when we receive the latest intelligence we're spending a lot of time correcting data anomalies."
"I thought data management tools were supposed to improve bandwidth resources not kill them?"
"I'd give our data consumption needs an A+, but data obtainment is being significantly overlooked, sadly it's an F."
"We have data systems in place for hedge funds, but they won't work for private markets and other asset classes."
"We have a large team spending 90% of their time on manual data tasks like collecting, scraping, normalizing, and uploading data to our systems. Accuracy can suffer and most often does."
"We're supposed to be operating at the highest level of our industry, yet key investment strategies and decision making is being pushed to the back-burner."
"We want to scale significantly soon, yet with our level of resources and data challenges, I don't see it happening."


Unique funds monitored across various markets.


data points processed per month

<60 seconds

to identify, classify, upload, and tag a document using Vidrio's data management tools.

Data Verification & Consumption Document & Data Collection Data Extraction & Identification Data Standardization & Normalization Data Enrichment Data Reconciliation DATA MANAGEMENTSOLUTION

What sets Vidrio apart in its superior approach to data collection and consumption?



Data quality and timeliness are critical in managing allocator portfolios. Vidrio's advantage is that we take full responsibility for your data (past, present, and future).


Vidrio monitors, targets, and eliminates any data outliers - filtering out data noise. Vidrio clients benefit from increased data transparency from fund managers, administrators, custodians, and more. 



Data extraction is format agnostic and maintains extremely quick processing time, allowing efficient onboarding in under 60 seconds for any current data taxonomy. 



Vidrio organizes and manages a huge data library consisting of manager letters, AUM, exposure, capital calls & distribution notices, investment statements, ILPA reports, and more.

For clients managing a growing diversified portfolio, there is no better solution to track performance, cashflow, risk, and more. View your multi-asset class portfolios directly on the system or export your views to run further analysis.



Vidrio ensures valuation data is appropriately reconciled across portfolios, trade, and investment related data on the platform.


Client Solutions Group Lightbulb April 2024

With Vidrio Financial you have ongoing targeted support and education where you interact directly with a business representative to review the issues you are facing across your business either in critical data management concerns or growing your total portfolio view. 


Data Management Solution

At Vidrio Financial, our commitment to unparalleled data accuracy and the enhancement of data intelligence for leaders managing multi-asset class portfolios is unwavering. It's this dedication that inspired us to create a unique data management solution tailored specifically for premier institutional investors. We believe that allocators can extract greater value through better data precision from initial collection to final insights.


To discover how we can elevate your investment strategy by improving your data insights, please complete the form below and a member of our business development team will connect with your organization.

  • Document and Data Collection
  • Data Extraction and Identification
  • Standardization and Normalization
  • Data Enrichment
  • Data Checks and Reconciliation
  • Data Review and Data Hub Consumption

Document and Data Collection


Document and Data Collection

Vidrio’s document and data collection process collects performance estimates, AUM, contract notes, capital calls, bank statements, underlying holdings, exposure data, and a lot more. The best part is that Vidrio is data agnostic, collecting data in all formats to allow teams to focus on larger strategic needs. Data sources can include:

  • Fund Managers
  • Administrators
  • Custodians
  • Market Data Providers


Data Extraction and Identification


Data Extraction and Identification

Vidrio extracts and identifies the data that is most valuable to understanding portfolio performance. Vidrio blends best practices of artificial intelligence and machine learning with human expertise to filter only what is necessary for your organization.

  • Processing millions of data points each month.
  • The superior blending of artificial intelligence and human expertise.
  • Expert data noise filtering.


Standardization and Normalization


Standardization and Normalization

Once the data is extracted and identified, Vidrio’s Data Acquisition and Monitoring Controls will alert our team if there are any missing items or anomalies. These will be corrected and normalized for your single source of truth.


Data Enrichment


Data Enrichment

Vidrio’s data enrichment process will take your initial data imports and further fill in the gaps around the metrics that are most important to your operations. Enrichment covers:

  • Cashflow Analytics
  • Risk Analytics
  • Exposure Analytics
  • Compliance Analytics
  • and more.


Data Checks and Reconciliation


Data Checks and Reconciliation

Vidrio performs a detailed account-level reconciliation of positions to underlying fund statements as well as to external portfolio statements of record (administrators and
custodians). This benefit is a powerful tool aiding institutional investors throughout their portfolio management and valuation operations.


Data Review and Data Hub Consumption


Data Review and Data Hub Consumption

Once the data is verified in the Vidrio system the consumption of that data can be “piped” to any system your investment teams select for further analyzation. This could include separate "data lakes", accounting dashboards, analytical databases, and more.  The transformed data can also remain in Vidrio for further analysis of your institutional portfolio. 


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