Vidrio is a leader in providing global asset managers, private banks, and insurance companies with the software and services they need to better manage their business. With Vidrio’s integrated service and technology, you increase operational efficiency while saving on the total cost of ownership.


Our asset management system is the only software solution for your entire business, equipping you with one centralized data repository to facilitate seamless information sharing between teams.

Advanced data collection services and depth of functionality are optimized for asset management and created for user configuration.

Improve Your Operations

Keep portfolios reconciled and aligned, streamline your workflows, and catch human errors. Vidrio automates your processes in one centralized system and safeguards you against failed audits.


Manage Your Risk

Vidrio provides investors with a holistic risk approach to enable better-informed decisions. Vidrio combines position-based risk and statistical metrics with a broad range of other metrics, including operational, liquidity, exposure, and compliance considerations. Unlike narrow quantitative only risk services, Vidrio offers full, interconnected visibility across quantitative and qualitative data.


The Client Portal

The Client Portal enables allocators to deliver information and Vidrio functionality to their clients and stakeholders.

Via a secure web interface with your branding, messaging, and investor work, you can provide your clients with the access and information they need. The Client Portal uses the same powerful technology as Vidrio's portfolio management platform and is equipped to enable strict permission levels so that your clients see only the information that you assign to them, while also enabling you to see who is accessing and consuming the content you share.

Vidrio Financial Client Portal

“What immediately grabbed me was the unique centralized visualization across various aspects.” — Vidrio client

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