Endowments and foundations are in a challenging market as inflationary forces, geopolitical battles, recession, and the ongoing pandemic impact their investment returns. These asset managers need to navigate portfolio holdings that are committed through multi-asset strategies composing private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, real estate, public equities, bonds, and more. 


This is where Vidrio's single allocator platform approach shines for today's leading endowments and foundations. 

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Portfolio Management

Endowments and foundations have 100% of their multi-asset class portfolios on a single platform through Vidrio. Through customized portals, Vidrio clients can:

  • plan and model various portfolio scenarios as far in the future as necessary. Backtest and simulate performance, statistics, risk, and exposure.
  • manage liquidity by automating the scheduling of transactions based on specific terms and conditions.


Compliance and Operational Control 9-22

Compliance and Operational Control

Keep portfolios reconciled and aligned, streamline your workflows, and minimize human error. Vidrio automates your processes in one centralized system and safeguards you against failed audits. Additional highlights include:

  • board reporting
  • shadow performance book of record - daily tracking of updated portfolio positions, equity, and unitized and non-unitized valuations (based on daily/weekly/quarterly pricing as available).
Performance Exposure and Risk Flywheel 9-22

Performance Exposure & Risk Analysis

Vidrio provides endowments and foundations with a holistic risk approach to enable better-informed decisions. Vidrio combines position-based risk and statistical metrics with a broad range of other metrics, including operational, liquidity, exposure, and compliance considerations. Unlike narrow quantitative-only risk services, Vidrio offers full, interconnected visibility across quantitative and qualitative data. Other highlights include:

  • real-time exposures
  • investment book of record keeping - allowing investment and accounting books of record (IBOR and ABOR) to be in sync.
Case Study # 1: Endowment

An endowment came to Vidrio at the beginning of 2022 asking to help with customizing portfolio data and dashboards that are specific to users, investment funds, and asset classes. Through Vidrio's research management systems, we were able to customize a view that streamlined workflows and maintained a central location of investment funds organized by parameters.

Case Study # 2: Endowment

Vidrio's second endowment prospect wanted to access and manage portfolios in a central location for a larger universe of multi-asset class data. On top of that, their current use of MS Office integrations was in complete chaos. Vidrio helped to map exposures and characteristics to investments and underlying holdings while calculating multiple performance metrics for liquid and illiquid investments.

Case Study # 3: Foundation
Late last year, Vidrio was approached by a foundation client with a specific Portfolio Management System (PMS) requirement. Would Vidrio be able to create custom benchmarks and perform benchmark-relative exposure/performance analysis, while tracking fund liquidity profiles? Vidrio sat down with the client through our demo environment and built a custom solution to showcase to the foundation.

Research Made Easier for Better Business Insights

Vidrio's tools and access to external databases enable you to track and analyze manager research data. Our services are leveraged to efficiently collect, cleanse, and enrich a wide array of supporting qualitative and quantitative data.


"Their all in one system and service addresses the full front and back offering in terms of what we do." — Vidrio client

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