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OCIOs and Consultants


Software for Outsourced CIOs and Investment Consultants

Vidrio serves strategic consultants, helping you to better manage every aspect of your job and exceed your clients’ expectations. Vidrio’s Technology Enabled Service for managing data and allocating assets removes roadblocks, streamlines your responsibilities, and improves your client interactions. Now you can do what you do best — leverage your knowledge and sharpen your decision-making.

“They thought about the issues we'd face because they've experienced them. They've sat in our seats. They have a practitioner perspective.”


Drive Your Business

Easily handle more work and centralize information using a data collection service with allocation technology. Organize data, minimize key man risk, and save money by using a single technology solution.


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Improve Your Operations

Keep portfolios balanced, streamline your workflows, and catch human errors. Vidrio automates your processes in one centralized system and safeguards you against failed controls.


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Enhance Your Research

Vidrio’s data services enable you to collect, cleanse, and enrich a wide array of qualitative and quantitative data. Highly flexible data export tools and the ability to integrate Vidrio-sourced data with external databases and information collected by clients ensures you will have everything you need for more effective research.


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