As more millionaires are made each year, family offices are feeling the pressure to grow wealth, improve their infrastructure and receive greater transparency across their investment strategies. Family office clients are spread across the globe, leading many of their firms to deal with increased regulation, risk and exposure, compliance, reporting, and overall valuation.


Vidrio’s technology-enabled service (TES) platform can help your family office streamline reporting functions in real time. With Vidrio, you have a single platform for global portfolio monitoring, risk, research management, advanced-level compliance controls, tracking ESG investments, improving the transparency of fund terms to your family office clients, and much more.

Vidrio Financial Family Office Dashboard
Vidrio Financial Family Office
Vidrio Financial Family Office Manager Research

Manager Research & Monitoring

Vidrio’s research management and monitoring provide access to a single data pool allowing family offices to manage the entire research and due diligence process, including workflow monitoring and visualization tools. Further benefits include:

  • A high level of transparency ensures that data is efficiently managed to minimize inconsistencies and duplication.
  • The Due Diligence tool allows for a completely customizable workflow process including quantitative and qualitative factors. 
Vidrio Financial Portfolio Management Family Office

Portfolio Management

Vidrio’s single-optimized system provides family offices with centralized data and tools for detailed insight into 100% of a client's multi-asset class portfolio. Open-ended Portfolio Planning allows you to propose investments as far in the future as necessary. Liquidity management automates the scheduling of transactions based on terms and conditions. Further benefits include:

  • Modeling of various portfolio scenarios and benchmark data. Including ESG scoring data.
  • Liquidity management and forecasting

Vidrio Financial Family Office Client Portal

Client Portal

The Client Portal uses the same powerful technology as Vidrio's portfolio management platform and is equipped to enable strict permission levels so that your family office clients see only the information that you assign to them, while also enabling you to see who is accessing and consuming the content you share. 

Vidrio Financial Performance Exposure and Risk Family Office

Performance Exposure & Risk Analysis

Vidrio provides family offices with a holistic risk approach to enable better-informed decisions. Vidrio combines position-based risk and statistical metrics with a broad range of other metrics, including operational, liquidity, exposure, and compliance considerations. Unlike narrow quantitative only risk services, Vidrio offers full, interconnected visibility across quantitative and qualitative data. Clients will also benefit from:

  • performance reporting.
  • real-time exposures.
  • Holdings and performance-based risk.
Vidrio Financial Family Office Compliance and Control

Compliance and Operational Control

Keep family office portfolios reconciled and aligned, streamline your workflows, and minimize human error. Vidrio automates your family office processes in one centralized system and safeguards you against failed audits. Additional benefits include:

  • Trade processing
  • Portfolio hedging
  • Operational due diligence

A Family office in need of global greater transparency in a multi-asset class environment.

A multifamily office with over $5 billion in assets under management came to Vidrio Financial late last year in search of a solution that would support multi-asset class investing across global currencies.

Their office needed to minimize errors in the reporting process and increase transparency for their clients. Vidrio’s team addressed their office's challenges and built out custom reporting tools for them to use internally along with a customized client portal,  allowing their clients to have real-time performance check-ins on both summary-level and transaction-level data.

Family office heavily reliant on Microsoft Excel.

This family office had multiple workbooks and tabs all linked together to manually input performance.

As the team discussed their options, this family office began to see the true (higher) cost of Excel, including staffing costs, costs of data accuracy, and the risk of integrity in due diligence rounds that many investors are now championing.

Vidrio allows those that favor Excel to retrieve data using Vidrio’s customized coding and download exports directly into a clean spreadsheet. Clients can also upload bulk data ranging from price, valuations, attributes, exposure, risk and more.

Family office with an outdated home-grown technology stack.

This family office had concerns with several Vidrio competitors as they didn’t seem to provide a satisfactory level of support and service, accounting and reporting functions, security measures, and a view of continuing to innovate services after the contract was signed.

Early on, Vidrio recognized the importance of these concerns across the market and  worked to provide solutions in each of these areas. This included the building out of a Client Success Team, enhancements of private markets monitoring, improving portfolio and risk monitoring, and crafting an ongoing strategic plan to continue innovate Vidrio's platform and stay at the forefront of advanced technology within the alternatives industry. You can read more here.

Research Made Easier for Better Business Insights

Vidrio Financial family office tools and external databases enable you to track and analyze manager research data. Our services are leveraged to efficiently collect, cleanse, and enrich a wide array of supporting qualitative and quantitative data for family offices.


"Their all in one system and service addresses the full front and back offering in terms of what we do." — Vidrio client

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