Vidrio Financial is leading the way in private market analytics and reporting for institutional investors by innovating how investors gauge their returns. Did you know that Vidrio monitors over 500 private market funds quarterly, covering everything from private equity, private debt/credit, infrastructure, real estate, and more? Conservatively, we estimate that by year-end, private market allocations on the platform will increase by 30%-50%. 


Learn how we're innovating legacy systems for private market investors today by reading through the information below. If you like what you see, then please fill out the form below, and someone from our business development team will be in touch. 

Vidrio Flywheel:

A comprehensive approach to private market investment demands.

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Private Markets Portfolio

Enhanced Portfolio Metrics, Holdings, and Exposure

Through Vidrio's multi-asset class system, clients can monitor metrics for private market funds across various periods and sectors.

Dashboards allow you to view:
  • Holdings value
  • Asset Class
  • Instrument Type
  • and filter by region or country exposure.
Private Market Cashflow Analytics

Improved Cashflow Analytics for Private Market Investments

Private market investments are enriched on the Vidrio platform through direct coordination with the investment teams. 

Private Market Cashflow data includes:
  • Commitment levels.
  • IRRs, MIRRs, Valuation Haircut, Realization terms
  • Distributions
  • PIC Multiples 
  • and more!

Investment Summary and Position Level Data Reimagined

Vidrio’s private market data allows investors to monitor and report on performance through summary and position-level monitoring. Forget about legacy systems showing signs of cracking. Vidrio Financial scales with your business as your investment teams take on greater complexity in the alternative market.

Tools enable you to:
  • See a quick summary of private market funds in near-real-time.
  • Provide greater intelligence by integrating 3rd party databases to help enrich your private markets data even further.
  • Combine qualitative and quantitative research in a single platform to help make more informed decisions about future asset allocations to private markets.