The combined value of public pension funds in the United States amounted to ~$10.8 trillion in AUM, which was followed by Japan at $2.1 trillion and Canada at $1.7 trillion in AUM. Those in charge of monitoring performance and making strategic investment decisions for today’s pension plans need to weigh long-term market conditions and ensure they have the right technology to monitor pension plan risk, performance, and exposure.


This is where Vidrio’s technology-enabled service platform reduces redundancies by making your investment team more efficient.

Pension Screen 1 Summary
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Portfolio Management Flywheel 9-22

Portfolio Management

Vidrio's single-optimized system gives pension plan investment teams a centralized platform for insight into 100% of your multi-asset class portfolio. Open-ended portfolio planning allows you to propose investments as far in the future as necessary. Scheduling of transactions is automated based on terms and conditions through our liquidity management system. Further benefits include:

  • Modeling of various portfolio scenarios and benchmark data.
  • Liquidity management and forecasting
  • Liability management 
Performance Exposure and Risk Flywheel 9-22

Performance Exposure & Risk Analysis

Vidrio's pension clients are provided with a holistic risk approach to enable better investment decisions. The pension dashboard combines position-based risk and statistical metrics, including operational, liquidity, exposure, and compliance considerations. Pension clients will have full access to quantitative and qualitative data under various Vidrio platform screens. Clients will also benefit from:

  • holdings and performance-based risk.
  • real-time exposures.
  • investment book of record keeping - allowing investment and accounting books of record (IBOR and ABOR) to be in sync.
Compliance and Operational Control 9-22

Compliance and Operational Control

Keep portfolios reconciled and aligned, streamline your workflows, and minimize human error. Vidrio automates your processes in one centralized system and safeguards you against failed audits. Additional highlights include:

  • board reporting.
  • shadow performance book of record - daily tracking of updated portfolio positions, equity, and unitized and non-unitized valuations (based on daily/weekly/quarterly pricing as available).
  • Compliance guidelines.
  • Due-diligence management.

A global pension fund, managing over 4.7 million plan participants wanted to solve for increased portfolio transparency, risk data, and exposure. Their current CRM and liquidity management system were antiquated and unorganized, especially when it came to surfacing quantitative and qualitative hedge fund data. They had also experienced issues trialing other service providers and knew that onboarding times wouldn't be guaranteed. Vidrio ran through a plan of attack and integrated their turnkey solution in record time.

A large American pension plan sought out Vidrio as analysts were spending a lot of time inputting and verifying spreadsheet data, (NAVs, fees, standard deviations, largest drawdowns, and more) on an outdated platform. As a result, research and due diligence fell to the bottom of the list. Their private capital portfolio was in chaos, relying on different systems for cash flow forecasting and more. In the end, they needed a system that could handle trading in all asset classes. Vidrio conducted an assessment and streamlined their business.

A Canadian pension plan dealing in private markets and liquid alternatives had grown and required a more efficient view of its portfolio. Currently, they leveraged multiple vendors for different areas of expertise. This led to a platform that spread out their quantitative and qualitative data points, risk, and other documents, leading to higher costs and declining collaboration. Data collection was also a nightmare and suffered from various delays. Vidrio came in and worked with their investment team to craft a truly consolidated platform, reducing costs, improving transparency, reporting, and investment controls. With Vidrio at their side, they avoided an alternative of building out a custom allocation platform.

Research Made Easier for Better Business Insights

Vidrio's tools and access to external databases enable you to track and analyze manager research data. Our services are leveraged to efficiently collect, cleanse, and enrich a wide array of supporting qualitative and quantitative data.


"Their all in one system and service addresses the full front and back offering in terms of what we do." — Vidrio client

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