"It's been a little over two years since Vidrio surveyed institutional investors on the impact of ESG to their businesses. In that short period, we have seen significant increases in the number of ESG regulations being planned for fiduciaries that are balancing performance returns against new initiatives like net zero obligations. 


Vidrio Financial is actively balancing asset allocation needs through innovative ESG data and analytics which can easily be incorporated and utilized in analysis and reporting throughout the Vidrio platform. Vidrio's ESG analysis incorporates both the underlying securities as well as the manager, through customized scoring templates.


We believe that these survey findings and intelligence couldn't come at a better time, and the hope is that those from family offices, pensions, sovereign wealth funds, asset managers, OCIOs, endowments, and more will find this research invaluable in their journey."  - Mazen Jabban, Chairman and CEO, Vidrio Financial

Preqin ESG Asset Allocation 8-23

The ESG Approach by Asset Class

From being unsure to already integrating ESG into their investments, we can see by this Preqin chart that ESG is still on unstable ground and facing debates. Revisit our findings from 2021 and see how opinions have changed towards ESG for the future by downloading the report today.

Deep dive answers into the following questions on ESG for institutional investors include:

What is the main driver for ESG Integration today?

Is ESG performance tied to your compensation plan?

How realistic are the Net-Zero Asset Manager Initiatives (NZAM)?

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