For fund allocators, Vidrio’s solutions offer a truly comprehensive approach to investment management demands, combining a unique set of managed data services, software components, and processing capabilities.


Oversee Your Entire Investment Life Cycle

With a foundation built on broad data collection, sophisticated analytics and ongoing monitoring services, Vidrio provides the multi-asset class capabilities and business support your organization needs to successfully manage every stage of the investment lifecycle. 

Complete Multi-Asset Class Investment Management Solution

Problem Solving Through Industry Experience

Created by investors for investors, Vidrio combines sophisticated software with operational expertise to help streamline your processes and centralize your data.  Our expertise and work with globally recognized clients gives us valuable insight into areas of success and best practices, so we continually evolve our product and services based on this feedback to create informed solutions that have true impact for you.

Embrace Market Change

As the financial industry changes, adaptation is essential. In order to be prepared for what comes next, you need a partner that is already looking to the future. That’s why we are always ready to work with you to tackle business challenges and offer support for allocations across multiple asset classes, including hedge funds, private equity, managed accounts, risk premia, and traditional assets. Our platform is constantly evolving to support newly engineered financial instruments so you can keep up with market change and remain an industry leader.

Optimize Resources and Minimize Risk

Our workflow solutions use sophisticated process software to enable customization of bespoke workflows to efficiently streamline and control internal processes across your business to help you reduce operational risk. With all stakeholders working from the same data pool, following tasks in systematic and pre-approved sequence, you can be assured the procedures are being followed and logged. And, with the ability to configure data sharing to fit the needs of individual teams or departments, work can be allocated appropriately, so your time is spent on the right tasks.


Centralize Your Data

With Vidrio, a centralized, client-specific database serves as the information hub for all of your investment data. Our team works with you to timely and systematically collect all necessary external data, create pipelines to external data sources, and compile it into your database to create a single source of record. Keeping your qualitative and quantitative materials in one primary location ensures consistent and broader insight into all aspects of your operations.

Vidrio provides services and automated tools to support the following investment functions:

Manager research and monitoring
Portfolio modeling
Compliance and Operational Control
Investment valuation and reconciliation
Performance, Exposure and Risk Analysis
Reporting including Investor Portal