Our newest solution expands access to a broader range of asset allocators and LPs so they can take control of their investments across multiple external managers and asset classes. Vidrio One offers the core benefits of Vidrio with more simplified functionality, including standardized tools,  reduced implementation and lighter services.


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Get anytime, anywhere access to complete, up to date information across your entire ecosystem of portfolios, funds and investor data – all right at your fingertips.

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Take control over your investments with complete oversight over all aspects of your investments across internal teams and external managers.

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Fully harmonize data, technology and service to seize opportunities and more quickly respond to never-ending change.

Vidrio One Includes

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Pre-defined screens, applications, standard workflows and reports tailored to meet core requirements.

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Optional bundles for both manager and portfolio management services.

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Scalable options for even richer data, additional tools and analytics, plus complete customization and configuration.

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