Vidrio is further transforming the future of asset allocation with an evolved approach for supporting the unique needs of institutional investors who allocate to external managers.

Introducing the Next Generation of Vidrio


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We are excited to share the progress of our enhanced, even more intuitive interface, including our evolved integration of hedge fund and private equity multi-asset class capabilities, advanced analytics, and ongoing technology innovations.

Key new features include:

vidrio website_SneakPeekicons-25

Browser agnostic, cross-platform compatibility

vidrio website_SneakPeekicons-26

Improved visualization, hidden tool bars and drill downs

vidrio website_SneakPeekicons-27

More sophisticated and customizable charting capabilities

vidrio website_SneakPeekicons-29

Broader, deeper multi asset class portfolio valuations

vidrio website_SneakPeekicons-30-30

More robust analytics and machine learning