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Ready for the "New Normal?"

When it comes to business continuity and infrastructure readiness, what does your new normal look like today, and are you preparing for whatever tomorrow’s “normal” may be?

While business locations and operations remain in flux, asset allocators need more agile and resilient systems, plus support for workflows and data management that can continue to facilitate collaboration and control across your investment and business management teams.

As we all continue to shift into new ways of working and servicing our clients, now is the  time to assess what has worked over the last year, and what can propel us forward to whatever the next phase of “normal” might be.

How did your business continuity plan hold up? Are changes needed? And if so, what changes are needed to be made? In addition to new technology, what service support would make you more efficient?

Here are some things to consider.

Over the past year, firms have taken shifts no one expected. Adaptability continues to be tested and changes will need to come. When thinking about your current and future business process, here are key questions you and your team might consider:

  • How do your core systems communicate?
  • Is there a way to make one central data source that feeds all teams?
  • Do you have sufficiently automated processes and controls in place?
  • How are other stakeholders (internal and external) receiving information from your teams?
  • Could managed services mitigate operational risk and free up crucial staff for higher value contributions?
Time to assess so you can better adapt.

Whether firms plan to remain reliant on remote teams for the long term, or are transitioning back to the office, the time is right for reassessment:

  • Reacting to the short term – what do you need to thrive this year?
  • Adapting to the medium term – how can you adequately plan and budget for 2021+ systems improvements when so much remains unknown?
  • Planning more for the long term – once your “new normal” takes shape, how can technology and services support your new reality?

With a long-term view on solidifying your business continuity plans for the current and future environment, perhaps now is the time to pivot, reinvent, and possibly rebuild.

Consider Vidrio

Our platform is designed to help you adapt and scale, whatever your timeline may be:

  • Unifying teams in a SaaS environment
  • Providing Workflow and CRM tools to help align processes
  • Offering a configurable UI on top of a singular, client database
  • Integrated full investment life cycle solution front through to back office
  • Including data collection and portfolio reconciliation services as part of a technology enabled service model
Let’s talk.

By matching innovative technology with our expert managed services team, we have built the most extensive allocator investment management system available - ensuring your business processes are seamlessly integrated with your data and powerful analytics - all while remaining flexible for future unknowns within any work environment.

As our clients will attest, the Vidrio team has remained resilient, working without interruption to our services or technology - ensuring they maintain ongoing business continuity and adaptable workflows.

So, as you prepare for whatever the next pivot might be, consider a consultation with Vidrio. We can help you to evaluate your systems and processes, while also helping you to assess budgets and total cost of ownership.  

Discover Vidrio

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Federico De Giorgis
Written by Federico De Giorgis

Federico joined Vidrio in 2011 and is charged with overseeing business development and operations. He was a managing director at UBS Investment Bank in the Media and Communications Group (2001-2010), focusing on advising companies in the information services sector, including financial technology. Prior to UBS, Federico was a partner at Compass Partners International LLC and a member of the firm's investment committee. He began his career with Lazard Freres where he spent 14 years in New York and London working primarily in M&A. With over 25 years of banking experience, he has executed a wide range of transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, and both equity and debt offerings. He received his B.A. in Economics & International Relations, magna cum laude, from Tufts University in 1984.

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