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Operations & Compliance

Solutions to Improve Operational Efficiency and Control


Workflow Automation

Vidrio’s onboarding team works closely with you to define and configure automated workflows to meet your operational control needs across your business. These workflows guarantee improved efficiency, compliance, and control such as:

  • Manager Investment and Operational Due Diligence
  • Trade approval and Execution
  • Ongoing Investment Reviews
  • Detailed Log of all activities

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Liquidity Management

Liquidity forecasting through Vidrio is performed based on the terms and conditions associated with each fund, series, or share class to which a client subscribes as well as terms of side letters. The forecasts are available at the time of the planned trade  and are reconciled as the transactions are settled. Vidrio also offers liquidity forecasting for what-if portfolio simulations as well as daily models of full liquidity based on assumptions of minimizing time or minimizing costs.

As a multi-currency system, Vidrio can support portfolios and funds in local currencies and tie them back to the portfolio’s base currency, including managing FX forwards. We also offer cash reconciliation services to show the cash that’s available for transactions and clients inflows/outflows activities and can help monitor ancillary fund and portfolio fees and expenses:

  • Show the cash that’s available for transactions
  • Show clients inflows, outflows, and balances
  • Help monitor ancillary fund and portfolio fees and expenses

Data Management, Valuation and Reconciliation

Vidrio’s team of experienced fund accountants ensure valuation data is regularly reconciled and crystalized to shadow the Official Books and Records accurately. This high-value service ensures managers and operators can trust the numbers presented throughout the platform are accurate and up to date across data management and reporting functions. Data monitoring services include:

  • Data collection and aggregation

    • Qualitative and quantitative data is sourced in near-real-time in a variety of formats.
  • Storage and cleansing

    • Information is aligned; normalized; examined for consistency, completeness, and exception conditions; and stored.
  • Enrichment

    • Comprehensive security enrichment and sophisticated applications augment datasets with calculations that determine exposure, allocations, performance metrics, market risk, liquidity, and more.
  • Reconciliation

    • Historic, ongoing portfolio position, and transaction data is captured and maintained.
    • Daily portfolio valuation updates are available.
    • Data can be compared between managers, administrators, custodians, and bank accounts to ensure full alignment with the Vidrio platform.
    • Vidrio also acts as a shadow books and record for your portfolio, tying intramonth performance and transaction updates together with official period-end numbers from administrators and custodians.
  • Process integration

    • The data collected supports daily business activities like research management, portfolio trading, and investor management tasks.

In addition, Vidrio's portfolio monitoring teams work with clients to establish rules (including crystallization and reconciliation preferences) for timing of closing period-checks and procedures. We also work with clients to determine protocols for handling information received after these dates.

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Compliance Guidelines

Comprehensive and automated guidelines check on your portfolios, and investments can be custom-configured to monitor a variety of pre and post-trade conditions. Similar to liquidity, compliance guidelines can be accessed on actual and what-if-scenarios. These guidelines cover, among others:

  • Allocations to various strategies and investments
  • Liquidity
  • Custom filters such as ESG or other bespoke investment status
  • Exposure
  • Performance
  • Risk
  • Leverage and Cash

The Latest Platform Details 

Visit our online resources page for the latest white papers, videos, and other info about Vidrio's ever-evolving platform and enhanced functionalities.


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