Making the Grade: Best Data and Information Provider

We are pleased to have been shortlisted this year for both the AltCredit US and EU awards in the Best Data and Information Provider category. So what makes us top nominees in the category?

Standing Out from the Crowd

During the pandemic having access to dynamic data and vital due diligence insights on underlying credit hedge fund managers was critical for allocators to have a true sense of their portfolio risks and make manager evaluations and decisions around any potential reallocation shifts with confidence.  

In a COVID-19 crisis environment, normal procedures of being able to perform required due diligence to change managers and allocate to new funds, including on-site meetings and ODD reviews was put on hold as social distancing made it vitally important to have access to data platforms and insights as due diligence went virtual.

 While some allocators were forced to “shop their closet" - allocating to managers they had previously approved for investment but had not yet allocated, our clients - some of the world's leading allocators - were able to lean on Vidrio to maintain clarity across their manager selection and allocations against a background of virtual due diligence and market uncertainty.

Vidrio Financial is the first Technology Enabled Service for allocators — providing software and data services to institutional investors globally. Vidrio’s data services, analytics and applications help solve complex fund management problems, improve operational efficiency and reduce risk for multi-asset-class alternatives portfolio investors. Its clients are also the world’s premier allocators to external managers, including two of the world’s top 10 global investment banks, three of the world’s leading asset management firms, one of the top five largest US corporate pension funds, one of the top 10 largest Canadian Pension Plans and one of the top five global insurance groups. 

Our clients also represent trillions in total combined assets under management, and collectively handle approximately US $100 billion alternatives AUM on the Vidrio platform across more than 1,000 external managers spanning a range of asset classes.

Reliability During the Crisis

In 2020, the Covid-19 crisis had accelerated the trend and need for software backed investment solutions paired with the expertise of people that are able to still access and get real time data in a heighted environment of portfolio volatility.

Market volatility and uncertainty generated by the pandemic only served to heighten the need for accurate data including new provisions around liquidity modeling, and cash flow planning. With the addition of new scenario tools and an increase in workflow demands during Covid-19, our years of experience and software systems and processes, born out of the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, we were able to assist its clients during this period of stress. All these new streams of data analysis and management tools helped provide our clients with a focused picture of their accounts and new levels of transparency to assist them with their overall portfolio allocation planning process. 

Service and Technology Innovations

Vidrio's services and technology were built to meet the needs of today’s asset allocators. This was never more true than last year as we saw an extraordinary increase in workflow demands from its clients for credit hedge funds as normal operating procedures were upended by the Covid-19 virus. The Vidrio team, which acts as a strategic partner and an extension of staff to our focused client base, many of which go back over 10 years, spent much of 2020 flexing and redesigning our bespoke, workflow technology solutions to provide LPs with a comprehensive view of their disparate portfolio allocations and true control over their asset allocation processes even in the face of global business disruption and new virtual interactions.

With the crisis, the complexity of alternative investments such as hedge funds inherently made modeling and evaluation of future state investment decisions a further challenge for asset owners and allocators.

Ultimately, we leverage advances in data automation and collection systems and AI to be able to deliver more flexible data collection and aggregation options to pensions, endowments, foundations, consultants and other asset owners that are looking to take better control of their data and investments across multiple external hedge fund managers and asset classes.

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Vidrio Team
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Vidrio Team

The Vidrio team is uniquely positioned to help allocators and LPs to navigate portfolio risks in today’s complex, interconnected world.

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