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5 Good Reasons You Should Know Vidrio

Vidrio is a Technology Enabled Service for fund allocators. We collect a full range of data from external managers for our clients so they can focus on more value-added tasks. We use all this data to power a range of functions that let fund allocators live on one screen to perform research, portfolio management, and operational tasks. We offer unrivaled depth in data servicing and cutting-edge technology for managers of managers.

And you’ve probably never heard of Vidrio.

Truth is we’ve been pretty bad at marketing for most of our eight years offering this service to outside clients. Vidrio started life in the late 90’s as the internal technology of a FoHF and manager seeding business. We initially grew our business through our industry relationships and word-of-mouth. We are now at a point where we are ready to scale our product and service to a wider audience.

5 good reasons you should know about Vidrio:

1. We work with top names in professional allocation

We don’t release our client names. But you’d know all of them.

2. Our data collection and reconciliation services are managed by former allocators

Remember the story above about how Vidrio was the internal tech of a FoHF? That same staff runs the data collection process. We know what these numbers mean and what they mean to you. Read White Paper

3. Vidrio thrives on complexity

Bring us your cross-asset allocation schemes. Bring us your strange terms and conditions. Your detailed compliance needs. Your operational idiosyncrasies.

4. We handle drudgery

You shouldn’t be paying your team to perform routine data collection work. It can be automated or outsourced more inexpensively. Pay your team to do quality value add work (on Vidrio)

5. Clients love our expertise

Part of our getting better at marketing involved asking our clients what they really like about Vidrio. Turns out, while they like our technology a lot, they LOVE our ability to help them solve complex problems. Our experience as operators, and our ongoing work with the best in the allocation field has given us an ability to support your unique technology and data servicing needs.

You’ll be seeing our name, Vidrio, more often going forward. It means “glass” in Spanish if you were wondering – because we’re all about transparency. But if you’d like to learn more check out our shiny new website – vidrio.com



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Brian Robinson
Written by Brian Robinson

Brian joined Vidrio in 2015 to lead sales and marketing activities. Brian has worked both as an analyst on a fund of hedge funds, and has helped implement enterprise risk and technology systems to some of the largest hedge fund allocators in the world. Prior to joining Vidrio, Brian was a Sr. Sales Executive at MSCI RiskMetrics on the hedge fund transparency team. Brian served as Sr. Analyst at J.H. Whitney Investment Management on both Asian and Commodity FoHFs. And Brian spent seven years at JP Morgan in sales and analytic roles. Brian has a Masters in Finance from the Zicklin School at CUNY Baruch, and a BS in International Relations from Colgate University (Go 'Gate!).

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