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Q2 2020 in Review

Business Update

While these recent months have seen extraordinary global volatility, the Vidrio team around the world has remained agile, working without interruption to ensure ongoing business continuity and adaptable service for our clients. We have continued to deliver a number of strategic initiatives to enable our clients with uninterrupted access to the most complete and timely information and services, while also sharing valuable thought leadership from our team of industry experts.

Scaling for Growth

Our client community continues to expand in response to the industry's need for more agile and resilient systems and workflows. With that expansion comes the ever-increasing demand for data, advanced analytics, and the ever-evolving need for forward-looking functionality. At Vidrio, we are investing in two key initiatives to strengthen our technology infrastructure and our servicing resources. These initiatives, outlined below, represent the culmination of significant assessment, due diligence and planning, and we look forward to having them implemented at the end of Q3.

Strategic Initiative #1: Technology

Vidrio in the Cloud

We are pleased to announce a planned transition to hosting the platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The AWS infrastructure will allow us to leverage technology that is not available on traditional hosted systems and accelerate the move to offer our clients improved speeds, more frequent updates and more near real-time data across the board.

Strategic Initiative #2: Service

Scaling our Services

Since Vidrio's inception, our managed services have been central to providing a truly differentiated value added total solution to our clients. To that end, we have recently engaged with Cognizant, one of the world's leading outsourced service providers, to partner on an expansion of our resources.

Latest Product Updates

Following is an outline of our latest Vidrio product enhancements. Please contact info@vidrio.com for more information.

  • Periodic Performance Enhancements: Addresses clients' increasing need for better daily performance tracking.
  • Enhanced FX Trading & Valuation: Enhances FX transactions with the introduction of FX Spot and FX Forward transaction types and valuation to trade dates.
  • Enhanced Guidelines Capability: Improves the Data Monitoring and Control (DMAC) system.
  • Enhanced Fund Terms Management: Introduces new functionalities to the Fund Terms list and liquidity analytics in response to a growing variety of fund terms and commitment vehicles.
  • Advanced Analytics: Further enhances our Machine Learning Benchmark and introduces Machine Learning Natural Hedging capabilities - now available.
  • Solvency II Tripartite Template (TPT) v5.0: New template includes changes to comply with the latest amendments to the Solvency II framework regarding Securitization. 

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Erika Alter, Director of Marketing
Written by Erika Alter, Director of Marketing

For media inquiries, or to learn more about Vidrio's latest initiatives, please contact info@vidrio.com

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