Vidrio combines position-based statistical and factor-based metrics with broader risk categories, including performance, tail risk, liquidity, operational, investment, reputation, and compliance considerations. This holistic approach helps investors make better-informed decisions and see larger themes.

Exposure Analysis

Vidrio’s transparency services capture manager holdings data for comprehensive exposure and risk analysis. Holdings based analysis provides allocators with visibility into manager investment activities and ensures better monitoring and alignment of investment objectives.


Performance Analysis

Vidrio combines Performance and Cashflow Analytics to enable management of multi-asset portfolios containing both public and private market investments.

Performance and Cashflow Analytics:
  • Allocation
  • Attribution
  • Flagship and Investor share class Performance
  • Fund and Benchmark Statistics
  • IRR (Gross/Vet)
  • Investment Multiple (Gross/Net)
  • Realization Multiple
  • Realization Ratio
  • Unrealized Multiple
  • Paid-in Capital Multiple
  • And more...

In Partnership with Axioma Risk

Through Axioma’s multi-asset class (MAC) risk model, our risk solutions deliver a complete set of position level as well as performance time-series based risk analytics, including:

  • Current market and portfolio risk trends and the impacts they may have on your portfolios
  • Factor decomposition analytics
    Correlation, volatility, and VaR calculations
  • Treasury curves, yield, and spread based analytics

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