See the funds you’re managing, what they’re worth, and what actions you can take all in a single platform. Valuations are updated daily based on underlying fund performance, FX rates, and allocation changes. Vidrio enables you to customize the information you see about your holdings.

Real-World Portfolio Planning and Reporting

Plan and enact portfolio changes with all required or target guidelines. Detailed tracking of terms and conditions allows you to forecast portfolio liquidity accurately and assess cash flow impacts. The multiple currency platform offers fund performance monitoring at the series and share class levels, as well as portfolio-level fees and expenses monitoring.


Portfolio Construction and Modeling

Vidrio’s open-ended Portfolio Planning allows you to propose investments as far in the future as necessary. Liquidity management automates the scheduling of transactions based on terms and conditions.

Modeling tools enable you to:
  • Set targets
  • Build models
  • Rebalance to targets, model portfolios or drifted weights
  • Forecast your portfolio’s exposure and risk

Order Management

Vidrio’s Portfolio Planning automates the generation of Subscriptions, Redemptions, Contributions, and Distributions.

Customized workflow tools route these transactions across the various approval stages, guidelines and compliance checks, and final instructions to Custodians or Administrators. This ensures all approvals and transaction protocols are being properly followed by every member of your team, every step of the way.

The Vidrio Team tracks these transactions and updates trade confirmation and settlement information.

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