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Platform Release - September 2019

Vidrio announces the release of a number of significant module enhancements to its Award winning platform

 Enhanced Transparency Analytics

  • Portfolio Positions Lookthrough View - This new feature provides added transparency for Investors to analyze position-level constituents of their portfolios. Allows users to see into all portfolios, displaying weighted position-level breakdowns in cases where a portfolio is invested in one or multiple other portfolios.
  • Portfolio Exposure Lookthrough - This new setting enables users to adjust the portfolio exposure calculation method to “look through” and calculate from underlying position-level in cases where a portfolio is invested in one or multiple other portfolios.

Enhanced Portfolio Management Analytics

  • Future Allocations View - This new feature enables users, to easily view changes in future allocations (value and balance) for either one or multiple portfolios.
  • Investor Activity View -This new feature enables users to easily access all settled and future investor transactions relating to changes in equity in one or more portfolios.
  • Roll Forward View - This new feature gives users access, to view future balance, contributions, withdrawals, PnL and closing balance for one or more portfolios.

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