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Allocation Solution to Optimize Resources


Total Business Oversight

As the first Technology Enabled Service designed specifically for allocators, we work closely with you as a technology partner and extension of your staff to meet your objectives. We understand that not all clients are the same and have different pain points. We’re proud to be trusted by top allocators in asset management, banking, asset consulting, and plan sponsorship. Our platform’s unique combination of technology and human expertise helps transform disparate and complex information into meaningful data providing you enhanced business insight and control.


Who We Serve


All-in-One Fund Management Solution

Gain complete control over your portfolios, funds, and oversight of team workflows. Vidrio’s client-configured workflow tools let you see the status of your fund reviews, identify roadblocks in your processes, and know who is responsible for various action items. Vidrio’s data collection and reconciliation services, systems consolidation, and single-screen interface allow your team to spend more time doing valuable work that will increase your ROI.


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Client Acquisition and Retention

Don’t just tell prospective investors that your firm is embracing cutting-edge technology and utilizing processes that separate your investment approach from that of your competitors—show them. Vidrio is the marketing, reporting, and investor relations tool you that you need to show current stakeholders that you’re an industry leader.

Vidrio provides a valuable Investor Portal that enables allocators to share investment information and functionality to their stakeholders. The Investor Portal is a secure web interface with your branding and investment information. Although it uses Vidrio's full portfolio management platform, you set strict permission levels, so clients only see what you authorize. Now you can easily provide insights into your portfolios, research, reports, and other important information to clients and partners.




Risk Mitigation

Risk is anything and everything. With all information housed in a single data pool, Vidrio’s configurable UI reduces your operational risk and allows senior management to oversee your business. Exposure transparency gives allocators visibility into where managers are directing assets to ensure alignment of expectations and minimize risk. In addition, compliance and workflow tools built into the software provide a streamlined approach to your operations to strength oversight while minimizing compliance costs.

Solutions For Risk Team


Reporting Functionality Within a Seamless Interface

Vidrio is your comprehensive interactive reporting dashboard. We offer a top-down view of all portfolios, functions, and operations being performed across your entire organization. This means that CIOs and Portfolio Managers can easily toggle between portfolios and funds within the same screen to review and compare performance, exposure, and risk analytics.

Highly flexible data export tools allow any information to be easily exported to Excel or organized into pre-configured reports. 


Improving Constantly

The Vidrio platform is continually optimized based on client feedback and industry changes. Visit our online resources to see the latest videos, white papers, and other materials.


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