Webinar: Discovering the Influences of Data Anomalies on Investor Portfolios

Why is it crucial for institutional investors to avoid the 'garbage in, garbage out' scenario when it comes to their data management strategies? Why is data transparency increasingly vital for obtaining a comprehensive view of the total portfolio? Explore these questions and more in our latest webinar tackling data challenges for allocators, now available for on-demand viewing.

By: Zac Corona, Sales Director, Vidrio Financial

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Data management in institutional investing is has always had its share of challenges. However as allocator portfolios get more intense and complexity rises, new approaches are being called for in order to handle data in the most efficient manner possible.

In this newest webinar from Vidrio Financial, Zac Corona, Sales Director, Vidrio Financial sits down with David Barry, Marketing Director, Vidrio Financial, to discuss how Chief Investment Officers can navigate data management challenges.

Specifically, Zac and David will cover:

- why data quality and timeliness is critical to investment performance and reporting.

- the idea and benefits of having full data transparency across the organization to reduce data anomalies.

- the concept of artificial intelligence and how AI and machine learning can play a role in advancing your data strategy and more.

We hope you enjoy this presentation, and if you're an allocator struggling to find the right data partner, or extension of your investment team, be sure to reach out to Vidrio Financial today.

Vidrio Financial is assisting investors from top family offices, endowments, foundations, SWFs, OCIOs, asset managers, and more, to help solve their most challenging data management issues.

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Zac Corona
Written by

Zac Corona

Zac is the Sales Director at Vidrio based in San Francisco.

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