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Fund Allocator's Solution Series: Multi-function Single-vendor

Jun 24, 2020 12:54:15 PM

For firms that desire continuity across all their teams, the multi-function single-vendor solution is a reasonable choice for the benefit of reporting alone. This level of centralization helps prevent discrepancies in data, reduces the drag of transferring information and work between systems, and promotes collaboration and transparency. The system dashboard becomes the information source for clients, prospects, and team members, instead of the limited data capture. This way, if you need more information to answer a question, you can do it in real-time.

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Fund Allocator's Solution Series: Multi-vendor

Jun 8, 2020 6:55:38 PM

One of the most widely used solutions capable of catering to an array of individual specialties is a combined patchwork of disparate tools and services for each functional need. While this approach seemingly allows allocation firms to leverage each area of expertise, it can be a hindrance to collaboration, accuracy, timeliness, and efficiency. Additionally, the costs can be insurmountable to set up all the necessary integrations and maintain with a growing staff and escalating service fees.

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Fund Allocator's Solution Series: Custom-built

May 18, 2020 12:04:24 PM

While there are trillions of dollars in the finance world managed on spreadsheets, there are a select few who choose to take on the task of creating their own custom-built software solution for portfolio management. 

The reasons to do so are the same as any other solution. 

  • Sophisticated investors want a clear view of performance and risk across asset classes. 
  • Robust data and analytics powered by software allow asset allocators to make better investment decisions. 
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Fund Allocator's Solution Series: Spreadsheets

Apr 27, 2020 10:50:52 AM

Spreadsheet software such as Excel may be the de facto system for financial institution's portfolio management, but should they be? With increasing staff, volumes of data, assets, and client responsibilities, spreadsheets quickly decay. The alignment between tables of information precariously poised on formula integrations and manual updates.

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Allocators Face New Obstacles in Pandemic While Redeeming from Funds

Apr 8, 2020 2:34:48 PM

In the current pandemic environment, while some of the funds that asset allocators are invested with are finding ways to profit, many funds are performing poorly. Some will close as a result. Across the board, we see allocators needing to redeem and reallocate as turbulent market conditions persist. 

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Allocating in a Bear Market

Mar 23, 2020 5:11:28 PM

Covid-19 and a crash in the oil markets have triggered a bear market that may lead to a recession. While the complexion of this bear market is different from 2008-9, there are applicable lessons from the last recession that can be helpful to Allocators in 2020.

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Holistic Portfolio Management Tools in Times of Market Stress

Mar 3, 2020 12:11:25 PM

Covid-19 has caused businesses of all types to look at their disaster preparedness and business continuity planning. For fund allocators, the market downturn caused by coronavirus fears brought the importance of high-quality integrated systems into sharp focus. Here are a few issues we are seeing our clients facing and how Vidrio is helping:


Issues fund allocators face during times of market stress and what portfolio management tools can mitigate those issues.

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Conference Notes - Agecroft "Gaining the Edge" 2019

Nov 6, 2019 4:17:08 PM

Year after year, Agecroft does an excellent job bringing together a mix of funds, allocators, and service providers for their hedge fund allocator conference. Here are the top takeaways from Agecroft's "Gaining the Edge" in 2019:

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